World Vision Pakistan

World Vision Pakistan

Project location: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (NWFP) & FATA

Project start and end dates: 01 Jul 05 to 30 Sep 06

Project description

BEFARe implemented this program to build capacities of 1,000 teachers and 6,000 community members through orientation and trainings on HIV/AIDS. BEFARe also formed 50 Village Counseling Committees (VCC), comprising of educated and elders at the village and community level comprising of more than 600 members (male/female) to continue cascading the vital information to other community members.

  • To orient and build capacities of BEFARe school teachers in refugee camps and catchments areas covering local communities, about HIV/AIDS prevention, testing and treatment.
  • To orient and build capacities of community representatives and households, engaged through BEFARe SMCs about HIV/AIDS prevention, testing and treatment.


  • Follow-up exercise and provide refresher orientation on need basis in the existing target area
  • A further 400 teachers and community members are oriented and trained on HIV/AIDS related issues in the extended targeted area
  • Additional 2,400 people have enhanced knowledge, skills and know-how on HIV/AIDS resulting in further increase in the community awareness on this sensitive issue
  • Incorporate and encourage the process of awareness raising as part of the implementation responsibilities resulting in Behavioral Change Communication (BCC). This is seen to be very important for future initiatives on counseling, testing and referral/treatment measures on need basis
  • A greater number of community members are more aware of the reasons and factors causing HIV/AIDS, its consequences, care, adaptation and possible precautionary measures
  • There is higher level of awareness on risk reduction in extended areas
  • The community in the target area is able to receive elaborated in-depth knowledge on HIV/AIDS, its counseling, testing and referral with the possibility of extending the program to a much larger target group
  • There is a much broader positive impact on the community’s health and social life

The sub-project will further assist in developing interpersonal skills to help the community to avoid, cope, or live with HIV/AIDS situations