FATA Baseline and Perception Survey

Project start and end dates :  2008 

Project description

In order to ascertain the perception of native tribesmen and women regarding the quality and pace of development initiatives by the government in their respective areas, BEFARe launched survey in February 2008 and completed the FATA Baseline and Perception Survey in all the seven tribal agencies and six FRs successfully in October 2008. The survey was conducted to observe the perception of tribesmen and women vis-à-vis their development on behalf of government of Pakistan. BEFARe male and female surveyors implemented individual and group questionnaires across 35 villages in each tribal agency and 10 villages in an FR. A total of 12502 questionnaires were filled during the survey in a span of nine months with 156 enumerators participating in the survey.BEFARe gender-balanced teams implemented survey across tribal belt except in Bajaur, North and South Waziristan agencies, where female surveyors were replaced with male members to avoid backlash from extremists. The teams had requested to drop females as their movement for survey was virtually impossible in respective agencies

Third Party Validation of Literacy For All (LFA)

Project location: NWFP
Project start and end dates: 2006 (Mar 06-April 06) 30 days

Project description

This was a validation survey wherein BEFARe evaluated the literacy centers of Elementary Education Foundation (EEF) with regard to its implementation responsibilities, achievements and learners outputs. The exercise was undertaken in NWFP in 2006. BEFARe carried out stratified random sampling survey of 10-15% literacy centers (covering both male and female) in three regions of NWFP i.e. Central, Southern and Northern where the number of LCs was 1,201, 1,325 and 1,413 respectively. A total of 591 out of 3, 939 LCs were selected for this study. A detailed evaluation survey report was prepared and submitted with the survey findings and recommendations to EEF.

Follow up of BEFARe teachers in Afghanistan

Project start and end dates: 2006

Project description

BEFARe in 2006 conducted follow up survey of 348 BEFARe  teachers repatriated to Afghanistan The main purpose of conducting the survey was to receive a feedback concerning the status of employment of the ex-teachers of BEFARe once they repatriated to Afghanistan. The survey also endeavored to determine if the trainings provided to the ex-teachers of BEFARe assisted them in any way in seeking and obtaining employment, preferably in the teaching profession upon their return to Afghanistan. The survey also provided an opportunity to determine if teacher trainings were required for repatriating refugees including the duration of such trainings and their contents