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  Project location: Munda, Lower Dir, Malakand Division, KP 

  Project start and end dates: 15th July to 31st December 2011

Project description

BEFARe in the far flung area of UC Munda at Lower Dir, conducted survey to install solar water pumps in off grid villages to provided drinking water facility to hosting population. Twelve locations have been selected for installation. BEFARe has a strong presence in the areas as it is closely coordinating the communities for already extended help to rehabilitation of schools and improvement in the educational facilities through community oriented approaches. Community Organizations formed will be trained on the technical aspects of operating and repair of the project equipments (Solar Water Pumps). Roles and responsibilities will be assigned to the Community Organizations for the security and maintenance of the equipment. BEFARe will install 12 solar water pumps in the identified 4 UCs. BEFARe will sensitize communities to take immediate organized steps for the improvement of health and hygiene status in the communities of the proposed intervention and will arrange periodic sessions on good hygiene practices including child care and hand washing practices separately for male and female community members.