Education (Formal and Non formal) department caters for all the responsibilities of managing the formal schools on behalf of UNHCR. It presently serves more than 48,000 children and has over 900 teachers. The two main areas of operation of Formal education department are: School Management and Quality and Training. –
The department also accommodates those communities who are deprived of opportunities in attending formal schools due to a) age and b) lack of opportunity and facilities. It also caters to all specific protection and legal aid issues in the target areas. It also provides basic education support through the implementation of NFE community based programmes. It also has an extensive NFE teacher training programme. The Protection and NFE department implements the following:
a) Protection and Legal Aid Programme
b) Literacy Programme (male and female)
c) Mother and Child Health and HIV/AIDS Programme
d) Home Schools Programme (boys and girls)
e) Vocational Skills Programme