World’s largest out of country voters registration

International Organization for Migration

International Organization for Migration

Project location : Khyber Pukhtunkhwa (NWFP) & FATA

Project start and end dates : 2004

Project schedule

• To allow and facilitate the co-location of up to three OCRV Field Offices within already established BEFARe Sub Offices in NWFP.

• Identify and provide facilities in camps and urban areas, which may also include BEFARe, facilities for registration and polling activities.

• Identify, recruit and refer to IOM for hiring by IOM, approximately 400 (four hundred) Community Moblilizers (CMs) in accordance with the TORs and guidelines, including nationality and gender requirements, provided by IOM.

• Recruit approximately 6,600 staff to work at registration and polling stations in locations defined by IOM, in accordance with TORs and guidelines, including nationality and gender requirements, provided by IOM.

• Assist in development of training programs, and implementation of these programs, for CMs and registration/polling staff as when requested by IOM.

• Assist in developing local voter education strategies and its subsequent implementation in the field to ensure that the Afghan communities are adequately informed about the electoral process

Project description

BEFARe assisted IOM in organizing the first ever election for Afghan refugees in Pakistan . Being a leading agency in refugee education, with presence in most of the refugee camps and urban area catchments, helped BEFARe access most of the refugee residing in NWFP. The program was both complex and unique, considering lack of registration of Afghans in Pakistan , besides little exposure of refugee communities to similar democratic processes since 1979, when they migrated to Pakistan . BEFARe used its extensive linkages with the communities through the School Management Committees to organize the election process in the NWFP. BEFARe engaged 400 Community Mobilizers to train, aware and organize communities to take part in the election process. BEFARe trained senior community m obilizers in voter education and registration & polling process and the gains were then cascaded to the Community Mobilizers working in their respective areas. BEFARe facilitated organizing 300 public gatherings for voter educations and assisted the election process with provision of 1,020 registration and polling stations allover NWFP including FATA, many of BEFARe schools formed voting centers in refugee camp villages.