AAR Japan Association for Aid and Relief, JapanAAR,Japan

Project location : Nowshera

Project start and end dates : April- October 2012

Project description

BEFARe with the support of AAR Japan is supporting education of Afghan Refugee children through rehabilitation and reconstruction of 3 schools in district Nowshera. These schools are part of world’s largest and sustained refugee education project implemented by BEFARe since 1996 with the support of UNHCR. The project will directly benefit 712 enrolled children in these schools including 11 with disabilities.

Selected schools have hardly been repaired in last two decades. The indispensable support at times is provided with meager community generated funds but is not sufficient to ensure improved learning environment for children. The 2010 flood inflicted further damage to the structures of these schools. Due to poor quality of class rooms and shortage of space due to increased enrolment, the schools are unable to provide quality education to the students. Teachers are compelled to combine two or three separate grades in one class room otherwise students have no other option but to sit in open air. Assistance will address these issues to improve quality of education by providing safe environment for students and help to increase enrolment of schools

Project activities include

  • Construction of new class rooms, toilets, verandas, boundary walls, store rooms, library rooms as well as repair support to old structure to make them conducive for learning.
  • The structures will be specifically designed to address special need of children with disabilities studying in these schools in the form of special ramps for accessing class rooms, toilets and water points. The provision of clean drinking water is also included in this support.
  • BEFARe intends to utilize camp indigenous labour in construction to provide cash for work opportunity to refugees.
  • Furniture and fixture support includes Floor mats, Blackboards, Storage cabinets, wiring and lighting at the identified 3 schools, Chairs and tables for teachers, school bags for all 712 students, first aid boxes and sports equipment for children.
  • ToTs for teachers and SMC members on enhancing awareness regarding implementing healthy living practices within the community, school health programme as well as health screening.