The Asia Foundation

The Asia Foundation

Project location: NA-24 (DI Khan), NA-25 (Tank), NA-57 (Attock-1), NA-58 (Attock-2)

Project start and end dates: August 2008 to November 2008



Project description

As a part of Free and Fair Elections Network (FAFEN), BEFARe is carrying out a project Constituency Relations Program (CRP) in three districts and four National Assembly constituencies with the main objectives to encourage active citizenship and facilitate accountability of elected representatives to their constituents by empowering communities to voice priorities, demand, responsiveness and to enable a well informed public to participate meaningfully in democratic process through action oriented civic education.

A rapid Assessment, to identify the needs and priorities of the constituency according to surveyed constituents, and then prioritize these issues for advocacy to elected leaders. Undertake lobbying and advocacy efforts for the prioritized issues affecting the constituency. Hosting constituency forums and seminars to provide information to electorate and facilitate interaction between elected representatives and citizens.