The Asia Foundation

The Asia Foundation

Project location: Peshawar

Project start and end dates: November 2012 – December 2013

Project description

Project has objectives to equip 200 GBV survivors with the required skill sets to reintegrate into society and become self-sufficient by conducting

  • Skills assessment
  • Intensive Life skills trainings
  • Entrepreneurial and employability development trainings
  • Basic business & financial skills trainings
  • Establishment of linkages with micro-credit and employment agencies
  • Database of trained women
  • Capacity building of shelter staff

The project has been funded by USAID under Gender Equity Program (GEP) which is being implemented by Aurat Foundation (AF) in close collaboration with The Asia Foundation (TAF).

This project is designed to facilitate economic rehabilitation and empowerment of 200 Gender Based Violence (GBV) survivors who have resided or presently residing  in Noor Education Trust (NET (A private shelter home in Peshawar)  The purpose is to improve the quality of rehabilitation services available particularly for vulnerable group of women who flee from their homes and families to seek refuge from violence. Emphasis will be laid on assessment of aptitude and provision of counseling so those women who are able to purse relevant and sustainable economic activities once they leave the shelter. Based on the identification of needs, 5 modules will be developed to train 200 pre identified women. These modules fall in three categories (1) development of life skills, (2) enhancement of basic business and (3) financial skills, and 3 modules on women entrepreneurial development and employability. Series of trainings will be conducted per module. A password protected secure electronic database of these 200 women will be developed and maintained which will facilitate tracking them  (once they leave the shelter) and to follow-up on their income generation activities.