The Asia Foundation

The Asia Foundation

Project location: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (NWFP)

Project start and end dates: Nov-06 to May-07

Project description

The project – a First Time Voters’ Education Program envisaged development of capacities of teachers of various degree colleges and deeni madaris to further cascade necessary information on voter registration and voting procedures to the students of these institutes.

A civic education supplement covering voting procedures etc. was part of the content taught under this program. Various degree colleges of NWFP where the trainings were conducted were identified through an initial survey. The nature of the trainings provided was formal. The program provided training to 65 government and 21 madrassa teachers who further organized awareness seminars for their respective students on first time voting.

The program entailed working with teachers from 65 Degree College and 25 Deeni Madrassas.