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Project location: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (NWFP)

Project start and end dates: May 20 2003 to December 2003

Project description

BEFARe endeavored to increase the enrolment of female students in formal and non-formal education, self help and in middle and secondary schools. The program intervention led to more than 6400 new female student enrolment in schools and courses. In achievement of objectives, the following major steps were taken:-

  • Capacity building of female teachers
  • Training of school management committees (SMCs)
  • Door to door visits in the communities
  • Organizing functions for highlighting the importance of female education.

BEFARe organized a needs assessment survey through all sub-office locations. In light of the results of the needs assessment survey, 292 SMCs were provided with 3 days basic and one day follow up training. More than 3500 SMC members were trained during these trainings. Accordingly, 640 female teachers provided with 5 days basic and 5 days follow-up training. The contents of this training besides pedagogy included specific messages on advocacy, motivation and social mobilization. BEFARe also organized 165 camp functions which were participated by more than 33,000