Save the Children Save the Children – US

Project location: FR Bannu, FR Lakki and FR DI Khan

Project start and end dates: July to December, 2009

Project description

BEFARe has signed a sub-award agreement with International Rescue Committee, Inc. (IRC) on behalf of FATA Development Program- Livelihood Development (FDP-LD) to implement the Life Skills, Literacy, Numeracy Training activities.

The FATA Development Program / Livelihoods Development (FDP-LD) intended to support the FATA Secretariat and the FATA Development Authority (FDA) to implement the FSDP and raise the quality of life for young people in Southern FATA and Frontier Regions (FRs). BEFARe assisted in providing support for youth initiatives, an extension of Literacy, Numeracy, Life Skills training opportunities, as well as Cash for Work schemes under large-scale public works projects and Training for Work schemes associated with these projects. The target audience were men and women between the ages of 14 and 30 domiciled in the Frontier Regions of Bannu, Lakki, and Dera Ismail Khan.The FDP-LD worked with BEFARe to implement the project activities.

BEFARe established 50 Adult Literacy Centers including 18 female centers with duly enrolled 1761 learners. Besides, 168 laborers participated in Life Skills cash for work workshops organized in FRs of Lakki Marwat and Bannu. BEFARe organized extensive meetings with all the relevant authorities and stakeholders for making the project a success by achieving its targets of disseminating literacy, numeracy and life skills to deserving candidates for enhancing their livelihood skills.


  • Develop the operating procedures necessary for effective implementation of project.
  • Provide necessary trainings to administration in human resource management to Head Teachers of the relevant/concerned schools.
  • Review of existing curriculum adopted in the SCF (US) schools, identification of its dissimilarities with BEFARe curriculum and to make it compatible with the curriculum in BEFARe administered schools.
  • Retention of enrolment and strength of the schools.