Project location: District Attock

Project start and end dates: Januaray- December 2013

Project description

TDEA-FAFEN is implementing the European Union (EU)  funded, Long-Term Election Observation and oversight in Pakistan (LTEOOP) in partnership with its member organizations, covering all the National Assembly constituencies across Pakistan.

The overall objective of the TDAE-FAFEN strategy is to strengthen democratic institutions in Pakistan by contributing to transparent and accountable electoral processes. Free and fair elections are a vital element of democratic process. The freedom and fairness of elections are not confined to Election Day. All aspects of the electoral cycle contribute to the freedom and fairness of elections and the democratic process as a whole. TDAE-FAFEN is implementing a long term observation programme as part of its overall election observation encompassing the monitoring of both pre and post electoral processes.

BEFARe is responsible to implement project activities in District Attock in Pakistan in NA-57, NA-58 and NA-59