Project location: Attock

Project start and end dates: September 2012 – May 2013

Project description

FAFEN has planned a targeted voter education program in 564 polling areas where 0% women voter turnout was registered in the General Elections of 2008. FAFEN’s member organizations have been assigned unique areas where they will carry out work related to voter education. The project will be implemented in two phases; in the first phase each organization would, with the help of paid staff, conduct Focus Group Discussions in its target location to ascertain the reasons why no women voted in the previous elections. In the second phase, educational campaigns targeting households will be initiated in each area to address the issues identified in the first phase.

BEFARE is implementing the project in NA 57 to work for increasing the turnout of women voters from zero to ten percent in zero turnout polling areas identified in the 2008 General Elections. The goal is achieved in below two phases:

Phase 1: Mobilizers will collect data through profiling and FGDs in problem electoral areas. The exercise is aimed at identifying the reasons for zero turnout of women voters

Phase 2: Mobilizers implement targeted mobilization activities in light of the identified issues during the last three months of the project implementation period