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Project location: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (NWFP) & FATA

Project start and end dates: 2002 – 2005

Project description

100 integrated NFE courses were completed wherein 2,000 men and women graduated from adult literacy courses while 300 participants received intensive vocational skill and SME training for income generation and economic empowerment.

Teaching capacities of 250 teachers teaching at remote area schools of BEFARe were enhanced. This program also focused on training more than 350 teachers teaching at middle and secondary schools operated by the governments’ Commissionarate for Afghan Refugees (CAR); besides around 460 teachers from self-help schools run by the Afghan refugee communities in urban areas. Hence this program extensively catered to teacher training needs of refugee schools. The intervention also entailed provision of teaching and learning to the schools. Under the same grant 8,000 participants also benefited through 130 Non-Formal Education courses in literacy courses and home schools.

Continuation of Primary and Secondary Services Phase-II

This project was implemented between April 2004 June 2005 and was a continuation of the earlier program providing support for increased access to basic education for refugees living in remote areas including improving the capacity of women and vulnerable persons in literacy, MCH and vocational skills through the NFE-VET component. The program supported 470 male and female teachers and an additional 6,100 adults were capacitated with life skills under this extended project.