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Project location: Peshawar District and Malakand Division

Project start and end dates: 1st July 2010 to 30th June 2011

Project description

BEFARe under RAHA initiative is implementing another project; BEFARe-E2, supported by UNHCR, is also supporting the refugees and host communities in District Peshawar and Malakand Division through rehabilitation of school services at 15 Ministry of Education schools and improved learning opportunities accessible to children and youth from refugee and hosting communities. The school rehabilitation will benefit around 12,000 local students enrolled in these schools in the mornings, who will have access to improved learning facilities; whereas, over 1000 students enrolled in these schools will have access to computer learning as well; while at least 200 Afghan and local communities will benefit from the program in the afternoon sessions after schools hours, where Afghan and locals will have equal opportunity to gain and enhance IT skills.