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Project location: Peshawar District and Malakand Division

Project start and end dates: 1st July 2010 to 30th June 2011

Project description

BEFARe with the support of UN under its RAHA initiative is implementing a project; BEFARe-E1 in District Peshawar and Malakand Division titling “To improve livelihood and local economies in refugee-affected and hosting areas by strengthening 10 government technical training institutes to provide quality vocational skills training to both Afghan refugee and local communities”. BEFARe is intervening through a two-pronged strategy focusing:

  1. Address needs identified by strengthening incapacitated government technical training institutes. The proposed initiative will complement and collaborate with the national programs implemented under NAVTEC and
  2. To provide training to Local and Afghan local community youth at the capacitated government technical training institutes.