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Support to Migrants

Project location : Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (NWFP) & FATA

Project start and end dates : 2001 – 2004

Project description

The Support to Basic Education Program essentially aimed to complement education activities being offered by BEFARe in formal and non-formal education sectors. The program enhanced capacities women preventing healthcare initiatives in MCH and building capacities of men and women through adult literacy program at home schools.

BEFARe worked through the established SMCs to organize support at the community level for the whole program intervention. The intervention enhanced capacities of women in preventive health on important issues such as diarrhea, preparing ORS, danger signs in pregnancy, pre and post natal health, neonatal health, TB, HIV/AIDS and other. The program comprised of implementing 400 integrated MCH courses for 8,000 women; 2,000 teachers for 105,000 course participants.