Project location: NWFP
Project start and end dates: 2006 (Mar 06-April 06) 30 days

Project description

This was a validation survey wherein BEFARe evaluated the literacy centers of Elementary Education Foundation (EEF) with regard to its implementation responsibilities, achievements and learners outputs. The exercise was undertaken in NWFP in 2006. BEFARe carried out stratified random sampling survey of 10-15% literacy centers (covering both male and female) in three regions of NWFP i.e. Central, Southern and Northern where the number of LCs was 1,201, 1,325 and 1,413 respectively. A total of 591 out of 3, 939 LCs were selected for this study. A detailed evaluation survey report was prepared and submitted with the survey findings and recommendations to EEF.