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United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

Department and NGOs

Project location: RAHA districts of Nowsehra and Haripur in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Chagai and Pishin in Baluchistan

Project start and end dates: June -05 to June-29 2011

Project description

BEFARe in collaboration with UNESCO developed the three days course on MSE 2010 based on the available material for one day training on MSE 2010 and taking guidance from the draft agendas for Caribbean and Middle East ToT on MSE 2010 as well as by improvising the old material.  The three days training consisted of varied methodology i.e power point presentations, role play, drama and group work etc.

BEFARe in collaboration with UNESCO decided to select most of the trainees from the department of Elementary and Secondary Education (E&SE), Provincial Institute of Teachers Education (PITE) and NGOs at each district. The Government requested through the Department of E&SE that 70% of the trainees should be selected from government education department while 30% from development sector professionals working on education. BEFARe is already associated through an MoU with the Department of E&SE, KP in for the implementation of a RAHA intervention being implemented in Peshawar and Malakand. It was also agreed among partners that the trainees selected for TOT must have past experience of imparting trainings in relevant subjects and who can demonstrate and deliver the learnt knowledge to their counterpart in their respective communities. Apart from education sector officials including supervisory and teaching staff, PITE faculty members were provided three days training. The training material of MSE 2010 is not fully translated in Urdu; it was decided to deliver the training in English. Due to this reason it was found a bit challenging for most of the Govt officials participating in the training to deliver the material confidently in future. BEFARe successfully imparted the training to 98 trainees on MSE 2010 material designed for the task. It was a huge challenge because of the geographic diversity and selection of trainees in an extreme warm weather with mercury at 45 degree Celsius. The presence of BEFARe provincial offices facilitated the team to fulfill the task within twenty days. The trainers’ data is available on BEFARe website for future utilization.

BEFARe’s research and development team translated the MSE reference tool in Urdu.