World Vision Pakistan

World Vision Pakistan

Project location: Mansehra 

Project start and end dates: October 2006 – September 2007

Project description

World Vision in partnership with BEFARe initiated an informal village-based mother and child health (MCH) training project focusing on pre and postnatal care in seven union councils of the earthquake affected areas of Mansehra district. By involving community members, World Vision-Pakistan and BEFARe built a strong base for sustainable improvement in the 2005 earthquake affected communities. The MCH project offered opportunities particularly to women to not only acquire and develop a life skill but also apply it in their daily lives for the better health situation of their immediate family members. The initiative directly benefited 2,000 women, and positively affects some 12,000 men, women and children indirectly. The project beneficiaries also include 100 females that trained as instructors for health courses. The MCH program incorporated best practices on community based health prevention for women, mothers and children. Inputs included mother and child health kits, course materials, tape recorders, cassettes, flip charts, posters etc.

The program was able to implement initiatives vital for sustainability of the MCH project.