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Project location: District Peshawar and Mardan

Project start and end dates: 2007-2008

Project description

The project aimed at developing capacities of females, identified and organized through FCOs, in skill development, entrepreneurial and capacity building training on how to conduct their businesses and trades more effectively by market identification and awareness to modern trends in trades. The FCO formation is being used to facilitate concept of community guarantee. The project aimed at building capacities of the target females through social mobilization and organizing community groups, training them in community management, leadership, enhanced skills and entrepreneurship training, awareness for economic development activities, and consequently facilitation to acquire a decent employment in the society. Hence providing them support for a sustainable livelihood. The areas identified for the project were districts of Peshawar and Mardan in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The project provided training on vocational and entrepreneurial skills to 250 females through the establishment of Female Community Organizations