BEFARe has the Compliance & Internal Audit Department to ensure the efficient and effective performance of the accounting, internal control and financial management system and compliance of donor reporting requirements. Department functions totally independent of accounting function and work with the cooperation of Finance Department. The functions of the Compliance & Internal Audit are as follow:

  • To conduct audit of regular and special projects and project activities following the Value for Money VFM approach.
  • To supervise and evaluate the system and procedures implemented for safeguarding the assets of BEFARe.
  • To perform test of controls and substantive testing of financial transactions and account balance.
  • To facilitate the external auditors for a better and comprehensive review of the system and procedures related to the preparation and presentation of the financial statements.
  • To act as data administrator of the QuickBooks accounting system of the BEFARe.
  • To check compliance of the recommendations of the external auditors.
  • To ensure the compliance of donors’ financial reporting and transactions in its true letter and spirit.
  • To report periodically or as per instructions to Chief Executive.