This department primarily focuses on supporting and assisting the activities through human, material and logistical interventions. FOD closely coordinates the requirements and availability of resources with the P & I and maintains a close check on the financial spending.
The department ensures regular flow of funds for various departmental activities. It also ensures that the financial control regarding disbursements of funds in accordance to various donors needs are systematically reported to the donor organizations. Furthermore, it supervises and ensures the internal accounting control of the organization through activities like book keeping, on-time disbursement of funds as and when required for the programme activities. Finance department is also responsible for final budgeting of proposals, for submission to national and international donor agencies.
This department looks after the administrative affairs of the organization and is supported by 6 Managers at the Sub Office (SO) level. Administrative tasks are hiring of staff in consultation with the respective department heads, maintenance of FOs, repairs of vehicles, distribution of textbooks/materials, procurement etc. Furthermore, the department, in compliance with the project managers concerned, is also responsible for Human Resource Management of the organization.